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Tip of the Week

Lower the Contrast on Your TV!!

One thing that upsets me about TV manufacturers is how nearly every TV comes out of the box setup for a store’s display. The biggest problem with that is the contrast is usually turned all the way up to 11. This creates a lot of noise in the picture with almost no gain to the […]

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Super Skip on TiVo

This week I’ve finally gotten away from Apple products and onto another user interface pioneer…TiVo. Today’s tip will help you speed through a long recording and get to the point you want in a snap. When you are fast forwarding, press the skip button  and it will jump to the next white line marker, which divides […]

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Check Timestamps in iOS7

This is another small tweak that apple did in iOS7…they hid the timestamps for your text/iMessages. Luckily for you, I am here to show you how to see them 🙂 Its simple…   When you are looking at your Messages swipe from right to left and hold to keep them visible.

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LED Alerts for iOS

This weeks tip will show you how to enable a visual alert from your iPhone when you receive an email/call/text. This is a great feature that is buried pretty far in the settings. To enable it go to settings and press “General” Then select “Accessibility” Scroll down a little and you will find the toggle […]

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This tip is in the Apple category again, this time for Macs. Today’s topic is spotlight, the “search all” function for Apple products. It is very simple but a surprising number of people that i talk to don’t use it. To active you can either click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner […]

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