This tip is in the Apple category again, this time for Macs. Today’s topic is spotlight, the “search all” function for Apple products. It is very simple but a surprising number of people that i talk to don’t use it. To active you can either click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner or an easier way is to press the command button + space.


Once there you can type in anything and it will find it. I use it most often to launch applications. Instead of searching for the app on your dock, which sometimes won’t even be there, you can type in the first few characters of it and voilĂ ! it shows up. Newer mac systems will display the results almost instantly but even the older versions are still fast enough to make it a great time saver. You can also search and find contacts, documents, emails, media files…pretty much anything!

Spotlight searching

You can also activate this on an iPhone or iPad running iOS7 by a quick swipe down on your home screen.

Thanks for reading!