Tip of the Week for 1/27/14

iphone unread mail inbox71

This tip is for iPhone users only (sorry droid users).  You will find this tip helpful if you have more than one email accounts on your iPhone. If you can not stand having the unread email badge on your home screen (see above picture with red circle) follow these steps:

Go to your Mail app and hit the edit button on the upper right.

iphone unread mail inbox1→  iphone unread mail inbox2

From there select the checkbox next to “Unread”.

iphone unread mail inbox3

When you return you will see the Unread mailbox, which is a combination of all of your mailbox’s unread mail! 

iphone unread mail inbox6iphone unread mail inbox5


As an added bonus you will see I also checked the “All Sent” box, which adds an option to see all of the mail you have sent, as opposed to going into each account to access the sent box. 

I hope this helps you out and saves you time. For more tips like this check back every Monday.